Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We have arrived.....

We have arrived safely and even got an extra tour round Nairobi airport!! We had 10 suitcases between the 5 of us, so a lot of luggage , mostly containing donations made by the wonderful Yellow Dot Parents! Charlotte and I are extremely tired after having no sleep for 24 hours, so we know we will sleep well tonight!
We had a lovely afternoon at the nursery, the children are getting ready for their graduation on Friday, so there was lots if dancing, singing, making decorations and playing the African drums! The children enjoyed joining in with new rings game we taught them and loved having their photo taken!!
We meet the whole nursery team who do a fantastic job encouraging children in the slums to have an education! We have shared out some of the pens and pencils for  their graduation day!
Charlotte and I got to ride a tuc tuc today....... Well it's very eventful!
More photos to post, to show what a difference we can make.......
Thank you for taking your time to read out blog.
Maryanne and Charlotte


  1. Glad you have arrived safe and sound. It all sounds very busy and exciting from the off.....sleep well!

  2. Oh what an experience, it sounds fantastic and we can't wait to see more photos. Don't forget those chickens & goats!
    PS Hopefully the phone should now be working ...